Size Guide


    • Always keep in mind that the size of your fingers varies depending on the outside temperature, so avoid to measure your fingers when they are cold or wet as their size will be smaller than usual.
      • Check the size of your finger several times a day in order to get the most accurate result.
          • Your size also depends on which hand (right or left) you want to wear the ring, as it may slightly vary from one the another.

            Please refer to the table here under to find the correspondence of your ring size regarding your location

              Ring Diam. (mm)
              Sizes Euro.
              Sizes USA
              Sizes UK
              Sizes Japan
              19.1 60 9 S 20
              19.7 62 10 T 1/2 22
              20.3 64 10 3/4 V 24
              21 66 11 1/2 W 1/2 26
              21.6 68 12 1/4 Z 28


              BRACELET (SOFT)

              The best way to get the correct size is to check one of your bracelet that fits you  perfectly. Then just set it down and measure it with a ruler from one end to the other (from top of the lock to the end of the bracelet).
              You can also get your size by measuring your wrist. Just use a tape measure and wrap it around your wrist, make a note of the number at the point where the tape meets 0. Then add 1 or 2cm whether your prefer to it to fit tight or loose.



              All IKKU cuff bangle bracelets have a standard size of 20cm. As the bangles are opened you can slightly and gently (please!) adjust it to fit with your wrist.